Classic Scrunch Pair: Rust + Fuchsia

This is the one that started it all - the original scrunchie with benefits. We made this Scrunch™ for people like you using hardworking, machine washable microfiber.

This sultry and summery *extremely* limited edition pair comes with a custom wristlet that's two Scrunches wide. Compliments not included (but are almost guaranteed.)

Note: You get one of each color pictured. We don't customize pairs (yet). 

Here are some things we know they're great for: holding up hair, putting an outfit together, smudge free screens (like laptops and cellphones), seeing clearly (works brilliantly on glasses and goggles) and making any slippery surface silky smooth.

You can probably use it for other stuff too. We're just a product description, we don't make the rules.

  • Made from psuedo-suede microfibre
  • Wash cold and hang to dry